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Scotland 500

Key Places



Campbeltown is the westernmost town in the island of Great Britain, located near the end of the Kintyre peninsula, alongside a sea loch and a deep-water harbour. It is the size of a large village but, historically a key port, it claims town status. 

Campbeltown has an ancient heritage dating back to Mesolithic times; Neolithic standing stones and burial monuments inhabit surrounding countryside. Irish and Viking settlers occupied the area before 11th Century warrior King Somerled became ruler of Kintyre. Originally named Kinlochkilkerran it became Campbell's Town in the 17th century, named after the Earl of Argyle: Archibald Campbell. 

Campbeltown became an important centre for ship building, fishing and whisky production once claiming to be ‘whisky capital of the world’ and known for its single malts. Today there are just 3 working distilleries in the town which is a popular tourist destination. Campbeltown has a cultural heritage centre and an historic walking trail and the oldest continuously working cinema in Scotland. There opportunities for golf, angling and horse riding nearby.

Key Places

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