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Key Places - Scotland 500

14 day touring


Mull, is the second largest of the Hebridean islands; it has a mountainous core; the highest peak on the island is Ben More 966 m (3,169 ft). Moorland peninsulas sprawl out from the centre the island has over 300 miles of coastline.

Mull has been inhabited since ancient times with evidence of settlements dating back to 6000BC. It is a nature lover’s idyll and one of the best places to spot rare white-tailed sea eagles, and off shore, whales, dolphins, basking sharks and other sea life.

The island’s principal town is Tobermoray; brightly painted houses are dotted along the water front. It is home to Mull’s only single malt distillery. It became a restricted area and naval base during WW2.

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Key Places

There are several key places on our Scotland 500 cycling holiday. Please choose from the following list for more information on each key place.