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Remote Highlands

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The village of Achiltibuie, can only be accessed via hilly and twisting single track road; it represents the north west of Scotland from a bygone era before new roads forged pathways across the landscape. Your efforts to get here will be rewarded by the beautiful natural mountain and coastal scenery.

Achiltibuie is the best known of a number of small settlements around the coast of western end of the Coigach Peninsula overlooking Badentarbet Bay to the west. To the south are Loch Broom and the Summer Isles: Tanera Mor, Tanera Beag and a couple of dozen smaller islands that are no longer permanently inhabited.  Some of the islands can be accessed from the pier at the north-western end of Achiltibuie. 

The village lies to the south of the Northwest Highlands Geopark. It is a National Scenic Area and forms the northern boundary of the newly designated Wester Ross Marine Protected Area.

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