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Thailand & Laos


Here are what some of our customers have had to say about our Thailand & Laos cycling holidays...

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Charlie & Annie Waring Cycling on the Thailand & Laos tour with redspokes

Charlie & Annie Waring, West Sussex, England, UK

Charlie & Annie Waring from West Sussex, England, UK rates our Thailand & Laos cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

We were very lucky with the group that were on this trip. They were great fun and there were plenty of laughs.
The trip, as described, was one of RS's most popular and you can see why. Beautiful country, very friendly people and with various extra curricular activities, like the boat trip and kayaking, it was a very well planned trip. It was great that there were no bus transfers, that is always a bonus.
A wonderful country and this trip made the most of enjoying it's beauty and its people. Most enjoyable holiday

Sanjiv Chadha  Cycling on the Thailand & Laos tour with redspokes

Sanjiv Chadha , Ipswich, England

Sanjiv Chadha  from  Ipswich, England rates our Thailand & Laos cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Being "lost in time" was of the most amazing experiences of my life. The cycling was nearly as amazing as the people I shared it with and the team that led us.

It was challenging at times being the wet season but to anyone who is considering this tour, stop considering and just do it! You won't regret it; I am so pleased I took the leap. Ken and the crew will take fantastic care of you and you will have the time of your life! The people of Laos are some of the nicest you will ever meet and your fellow cyclists will become friends for life.

A truly enriching and life-affirming experience.

Laura McDougall Cycling on the Thailand & Laos tour with redspokes

Laura McDougall, Melbourne, Australia

Laura McDougall from Melbourne, Australia rates our Thailand & Laos cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Hi Dermot,

I just wanted to say what a fantastic time I had on the recent Thailand - Laos trip!

From the beginning and booking with Elisabeth and Bryony through to the actual tour itself has been brilliant.

The team in Laos are fantastic! Ken, Mae (and Manniwan), Lid and Ton really made the trip. It was so special travelling with the local team and I wouldn't change a thing about the organization of it. I trusted Ken and Lid 100% when it came to making decisions on roads and when to ride/not to ride. They are true professionals. Lid was also fantastic when it came to the bike maitenance and I know as I had a few dramas! Nothing major, just all the mud etc taking its toll, but every time something did happen I knew Lid was there to fix. Ken and his fabulous sense of humour always kept us laughing! Mae, what a fabulous cook she was and such a delight to have around. Manniwan (their daughter) was also a delight and I thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to spend time with her as well. Ton was so patient and always happy! He did a great job driving the bus and was always there waving "sabaidee" as we got to the bus.

I loved every minute and every kilometre of the journey. Overall, the organization was perfect. The length we rode each day and the towns we stopped in (including the rest day in Luang Prabang) was spot on. Having the local team and their knowledge made the trip!

Thank you to yourself and all of the team involved at redspokes for making this the best trip of my life. I will certainly be doing more redspokes tours in the past and I have (and will continue to) spread the word over here in Melbourne!

Brian and Paul Thompson Cycling on the Thailand & Laos tour with redspokes

Brian and Paul Thompson, Middlesbrough, England

Brian and Paul Thompson from  Middlesbrough, England rates our Thailand & Laos cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Considering that we went in the wet season, were able to see everything we expected and hoped to see. We both felt that it was actually a good time to visit Laos. Everything is really green and lush and it was really good to see people working in the rice fields and to get a good feel for what their lives are really like, much better than just looking at empty scenery.

The home stay was a real highlight and we were both really moved by the sincerity of the villages towards us.

Ken and all of the rest of the support team were absolutely excellent, it definitely wouldn't have been the same without his good humour, he made all the right decisions about when to ride and when not to, his experience on the route is invaluable. We both thought that his obvious love of his wonderful country and its people shone through.

I'd also like to mention Alan too who looked after us in Thailand. He was an excellent bloke, I was staggered by his achievements and modesty. I really hope that all goes well for him with the Northern Thailand tours. I'm sure that all who meet him will be impressed, how couldn't you with a Guinness world record under his belt!

For my son and I this was a wonderful and at times quite magical trip and just so glad that we were able to make it. We are now considering where to go next, we both want more.

Thanks again to you all and we both look forward to many more happy cycling miles.

Cath Breckell Cycling on the Thailand & Laos tour with redspokes

Cath Breckell, Essex, England, UK

Cath Breckell from  Essex, England, UK rates our Thailand & Laos cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Another fabulous redspokes tour! The key to their success I think is the involvement of such excellent local people - Ken and his team were fantastic; lots of humour and they offer such an insight into their country that you just wouldn't get with any other tour company.

Laos was an exceptional country and the group was wonderfully diverse and supportive - a great experiece and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to get off the beaken tourist track, give themselves a challenge and experience something a bit different.

Tony Mohr Cycling on the Thailand & Laos tour with redspokes

Tony Mohr, Melbourne, Australia

Tony Mohr from Melbourne, Australia rates our Thailand & Laos cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

The redspokes Thai / Laos tour was a rich, diverse experience. More than just 'putting in the kilometers', the tour gave us opportunities to experience Laoation community, culture, language and food. Take the time to share some Lao Lao, join a local Thai Cao new year celebration, and your experience will be kuk li li (very very good)!

The boat trips give you a different view of the country and it's people, and of course the cycling itself is a stunning mix of hills and flats, limestone cliffs and quiet rice paddies. redspokes have an obvious commitment to Laos and it's people, investing in local projects and supporting organisations like COPE. I really applaud that, keep it up. !

If you just want to cycle lots of kms, stay at home. If you want a once in a lifetime experience, get on this tour.

John and Steph MacDonald Cycling on the Thailand & Laos tour with redspokes

John and Steph MacDonald, Perth, Australia

John and Steph MacDonald from Perth, Australia rates our Thailand & Laos cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

The lost in Laos tour gave us a perfect inroduction to Laos and to cycling tours. The place is facinating and the riding was rewarding. Sharing it with a tour group and an enthusiastic guide team made for great fun, even at the end of the day when the legs were tired and the showers sometimes cold.

I won't easily forget the excitement of the Lao children as we rode by, or the village stay experience

Roger Day Cycling on the Thailand & Laos tour with redspokes

Roger Day, Ballymena, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland

Roger Day from Ballymena, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland rates our Thailand & Laos cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Dermot supported ably by local staff Ken and Daleit literally went the extra mile to ensure we had the trip of a lifetime. I'd chosen redspokes to get away from the Lonely Planet trail and get a bit fitter. I certainly got what I wanted, seeing beautiful Laos from a more native perspective including a homestay in Ban Nalay and shed a stone on the way. Dermot and team's dedication, patience and tireless good cheer made it a super trip.

I have already recommended redspokes to friends and family and am keen to go with Dermot on another cycle adventure.

Anthony Chadwick Cycling on the Thailand & Laos tour with redspokes

Anthony Chadwick, Sheffield, England UK

Anthony Chadwick from Sheffield, England UK rates our Thailand & Laos cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Having travelled extensively I must say I enjoyed this tour, it was better than most I've been on. Good bunch of people to cycle and drink [Lao Lao] with. The Laotians were some of the friendliest and welcoming people I have ever come across.

The staff were great fun joining in on everything, Dermot kept us all laughing, but is also very charitable and helpful to the Laos people.

Ann Southall Cycling on the Thailand & Laos tour with redspokes

Ann Southall, Staffordshire, UK

Ann Southall from Staffordshire, UK rates our Thailand & Laos cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

A brilliant holiday with a great mixture of scenery, homestay and some nice guesthouses.

The local team work exceptionally hard to make sure you have a good time and to accommodate both serious and less serious cyclists. You can cycle at your own pace and stop to take photos or get a drink whenever you wish to, as Dowlete is always cycling patiently at the back sweeping up the stagglers.

Showing 21 to 30 of 88 Testimonials

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