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Chile Argentina 10 day Private Tour
Patagonia and the Lake District


The redspokes tour of the Patagonian Lake District journeys through one of the most magnificent landscapes in the world.  This spectacular area spans 300km from north to south and overlaps the dramatic Andean Mountain range that runs between Chile and Argentina.

The ever-changing scenery has been shaped by millions of years of volcanic activity. Today smouldering volcanoes still dominate the skyline alongside snow-capped mountains and towering granite peaks.  The lower slopes of the Andes are blanketed with ancient rainforest and lush vegetation. Deep valleys are filled with icy fjords, emerald lakes and tumbling waterfalls in a landscape of outstanding natural beauty. 

From Temuco to La Angostura Village, encompassing some of the most awe-inspiring panoramas in South America, this cycle ride of contrasts will leave you with lasting memories.What better vantage is there than the saddle of a bicycle to take in the highlights of this majestic area?

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