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Vietnam N.E

We are dedicated to delivering fantastic cycling holidays through the most spectacular regions of the world, offering fascinating sceneries and immense cultural interest.

But don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers have had to say about redspokes and our services...

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Diane Tenbuuren Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Diane Tenbuuren, Hope Valley, England, UK

Diane Tenbuuren from Hope Valley, England, UK rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

We are back from a wonderful holiday with redspokes in Vietnam and Cambodia. We had the best guides we could wish for, Le Trung Keen in Vietnam and Art Ourn & Phea (Sim) Ousaphea in Cambodia and fabulous drivers/back up support - a lot of knowledges, very kind, everything you asked they arranged, nothing was too much or impossible. We loved it! Despite the weather, rain at the first three days, we enjoyed the Vietnam N.E. tour.

Magnificent scenery when the clouds were gone and not much traffic on most of the tour – it felt like we did get to see unspoiled Vietnam. And the culture tour in and around Siem Reap was great! We did get to see Angkor Wat and other nice temples, seen how the mushrooms are grown, visited the village on stilts and were moved by the personal account of our guide at the war museum. And this all with the most beautiful tracks to cycle on!

Bernie Sheehan Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Bernie Sheehan, Killcare, Australia

Bernie Sheehan from Killcare, Australia rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

This is an extraordinary trip with challenging uphill cycling but you are rewarded with stunning scenery, adventurous cycling, unbelievable terrain from mountains to rivers. An insight into how the people live in the countryside in north east Vietnam are so reliant on their annual crops and community.

Phong is an amazing guide and such good company. He makes everything seem effortless but you know there is a lot of work behind the scenes.

Halong Bay was a great addition. Very touristy but so beautiful and the overnighting on the junk was a great way to end the trip. Thanks very much.

Bruce Irving Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Bruce Irving, Norwich

Bruce Irving from Norwich rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

We cycled through a unique landscape in the Geo park. Kien made sure we had everything we needed and was excellent at doing first aid on my bruising after a fall. We had a great time.

I had not realised that there had been another long war with the Chinese since the American departure. Such a beautiful country with gracious people but a tragic recent history.

Andrew Mak Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Andrew Mak, Midlevels, Hong Kong

Andrew Mak from Midlevels, Hong Kong rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

This was my first redspokes experience even though I've been on several cycling tours before. This NE Vietnam tour was certainly one of the most memorable and exceeded all my expectation (not that I had that much). First of all, my one other tour buddy and I were spoiled rotten with all the extra attention. Second, our tour leader Phong was everything you've read in these testimonials and much much more...I felt I'd learnt just that much more about Vietnam despite having visited this beautiful country many times either on business or for pleasure. One other fun fact, apparently I had the honour of being Phong's first customer from hustle bustle Hong Kong which made this experience even more special. Well done redspokes!

Paul Emms Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Paul Emms, Harrogate

Paul Emms from Harrogate rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

This was a sensational trip in a world class stunning location. The organisation was faultless, the itinerary was great, the route beautiful and the whole trip was so much fun. I loved the fact that the location had virtually no western influence and we saw very few other “tourists”. The local people everywhere were lovely. All the accommodation was spot on with big clean comfortable rooms and the local food was continually delightful. The cycling was spectacular, exhilarating and tough with some huge demanding climbs and speedy exciting descents so thank you for choosing such a great route and providing such a great bike which made it all possible.

Finally everything above was made magical by our wonderful guide and friend Phong. He was fun, caring, knowledgable, fixed any problems (of which there were few) and always ordered brilliant food wherever we ate, and lots of it! And when there were no places to eat on the route during to day he always prepared a great picnic supplemented by coffee & snack breaks. He made sure I tried lots of new fruit & vegetables and the yummy rice cake! Mr Ming our driver also did a great job transporting all our gear and helping Phong wherever possible.

I very much hope that I will have another opportunity to go cycling with Phong and experience his lovely company & sense of humour! Thank you everyone at  redspokes & I look forward to joining you again in Myanmar next month!

Chris Darke Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Chris Darke, Oxfordshire, England, UK

Chris Darke from Oxfordshire, England, UK rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

This was my third redspokes trip. The first of its kind to NE Vietnam was the attraction for me. This must be one of the very few areas of the world where tourists and tourism have not yet had an impact, changing the people and the experience of how life is. Cycling through remote villages along tracks and roads devoid of traffic with wonderful vista around very bend was truly bliss. However, hurry up if you want to experience this as it won't be long before it's gone for ever! As on the previous trips redspokes organisation and care were excellent. I have no hesitation as before in recommending this trip and redspokes to whom I extend by grateful thanks for another great experience of a life time.

Edward Randolph Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Edward Randolph, California, USA

Edward Randolph from California, USA  rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

This was an excellent trip. North East Vietnam was far more beautiful than I expected and offered some excellent riding. The guide was great and the support crews were top notch.

Paul Crout Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Paul Crout, London, England

Paul Crout from London, England rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

I have been on several trips before but I rate this one the best ever. It was well run the hotels and guest houses were clean and very welcoming. Vietnam has to be one of the cheapest places to visit in the world, the food was great and the beer is cheaper than water. The people are the most friendliest I've ever met and the women are the prettiest. The views were spectacular and the cycling was hard but we all made it. I'm now looking forward for my next trip with redspokes to China .

Thomas Preston Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Thomas Preston, Alaska, USA

Thomas Preston from Alaska, USA rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

A fantastic trip in all aspects! As a veteran of ten guided cycling trips so far with several tour companies, I can attest that redspokes certainly has it's act well together. There were rarely any issues or unexpected changes in the trip; and when they did occur on occasion, the guides and staff adjusted accordingly without any problems. The concern and attention for the riders by the staff was always apparent, and the smiles and helpfulness of Mr. Phong were always such a pleasure. Even during the rest days, Mr. Phong was always present to accomodate us with any and every detail. Mr. Trung's bikes were first class as well! The riding was at times very challenging, but the payoff was cycling through incredible scenery and fascinating villages, with a true sense of accomplishment culminating each day. I can heartily recommend this trip to anyone wishing to see rural Vietnam up close on two wheels!

Peter Dilks Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Peter Dilks, Christchurch, New Zealand

Peter Dilks from Christchurch, New Zealand  rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

This was a trip with contrasts. Fly into Hanoi with its c7 million people & 4 million motorbikes, wander around the shops of the old quarter and pluck up courage to try and cross the manic roads! Then go north to the highlands and cycle on fairly quiet roads up big hills (with equally big downhills) through small villages with the women of the various hill-tribes in their colourfull dress. One day we cycled off road (well dirt road) and I got the impression that they hadn't seen many, if any western cyclists before. The scenery was impressive with big peaks and terraced paddy fields climbing up their slopes. A very enjoyable experience.

Renea Jaeger Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Renea Jaeger, San Diego, C.A. USA

Renea Jaeger from San Diego, C.A. USA rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Northeast Vietnam had it all! The landscape was fantastic with mind blowing views and scenery including killer climbs to make the riding interesting and challenging. Nothing was more spectacular than cycling by the local people as they smiled, waved, and carried on with their daily lives. Let's not forget, meeting other wonderful cyclists from all over the world that were loads of fun that led to much laughter and new friendships. Guides that loved their country and wanted to share it. Another great tour from redspokes and it is clear to me why there are so many repeat clients.

Berta & Michael Glodowski Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Berta & Michael Glodowski, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Berta & Michael Glodowski from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Berta and I commend Dermot, Phong, Mr Trung and the rest of our wonderful support team for yet providing us with another unforgettable adventurre. Vietnam is truly a magical place that overloads one's senses. The awe inspiring scenery is superseded only by the hospitality of the Vietnamese people. We both very much look forward to our next redspokes cycling trip.

Richard Matheson Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Richard Matheson, Leeds, England, UK

Richard Matheson from Leeds, England, UK rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

This was the toughest tour I have done so far but well worth it. Phong was a great local guide. I learned a lot about the fascinating history - not just about the American war, but the relationship with China and Cambodia too.Witnessing the remote mountain people's simple lives was special. Thanks again Dermot for introducing us to such treasures.

Nic Cosgrove Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Nic Cosgrove, London, England, UK

Nic Cosgrove from London, England, UK rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

This is a great trip - go now before everyone else gets there! You quickly get away from the towns and into areas where you're a curiosity, greeted by excited children who just want to say hello, not ask for sweets or dollars. It's hilly but worth the climbing for the views. The local team are fantastic, and of course having Dermot there always adds to the experience (but avoid any dice games or snake drinks, and most especially in combination).

Patrick Cosgrove Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Patrick Cosgrove, London, England, UK

Patrick Cosgrove from London, England, UK rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

I felt it was a real privilege to visit such an unspoilt part of the world. The people in this area of Vietnam live a way of life so different from my own - it puts a whole different perspective on my own life back here in Britain. Overall it was a fantastic experience I'd recommend to anyone.

Sarah Cutts Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Sarah Cutts, Perth, Australia

Sarah Cutts from Perth, Australia rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

A real privilege to travel through an area so little touched by tourism. Get in before it all changes! Yet another fabulous redspokes Tour.

Tristan Breault Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Tristan Breault, Basel Land, Switzerland

Tristan Breault from Basel Land, Switzerland rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Fantastic trip, well organised, great support crew, and the country itself was unbelievable.

Ross Hill Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Ross Hill, Auckland, New Zealand

Ross Hill from Auckland, New Zealand rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

One of the most enjoyable trips I have done. Stunning landscapes, challenging cycling, friendly happy people and the best tour leader. I would definitely do another trip with Phong, great sense of humour, never got rattled and nothing was too much trouble.

Evelyn Mullins Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Evelyn Mullins, London, England, UK

Evelyn Mullins from London, England, UK rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Had a brilliant time on the trip. Everyone was so helpful, nothing was every a problem. Thanks a million for a great trip.

Kate Scott Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Kate Scott, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Kate Scott from Brooklyn, New York, USA rates our  cycling holiday at 4.5 out of 5

An amazing way to have a group experience paired with hours of peaceful riding surrounded by wonderful landscapes and cheered along by generous, spirited people.

Robert Oddo Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Robert Oddo, USA

Robert Oddo from USA rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Great trip. Very well organized trip. Spectacular views and great riding!

Susan Shyllon Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Susan Shyllon, London, England, United Kingdom

Susan Shyllon from London, England, United Kingdom rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

The weather did not bode well for this trip when we set off, but the clouds and mist lifted, the sun came out, and the beauty of the terrain we were cycling through was revealed in all its stunning glory. This is not an easy trip, but the rewards - scenery, food, cultural experiences, and the excellent Mr Phong and team - make it worthwhile.

Vanessa Bridge Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Vanessa Bridge, Leeds, UK

Vanessa Bridge from Leeds, UK rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Highly recommended - stunning scenery, lovely people, great guides!

Showing 1 to 23 of 23 Testimonials