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Chile & Argentina

We are dedicated to delivering fantastic cycling holidays through the most spectacular regions of the world, offering fascinating sceneries and immense cultural interest.

But don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers have had to say about redspokes and our services...

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Kristina Isberg Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Kristina Isberg, San Diego, USA

Kristina Isberg from San Diego, USA rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

This was our third redspokes tour and it was great. Our guides were outstanding, providing with the right information at the right time. The scenery of northern Patagonia was stellar.

Ros Lawson Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Ros Lawson, Edinburgh, Scotland

Ros Lawson from Edinburgh, Scotland rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

What an amazing trip! Chile, Argentina & the Lake District of Patagonia are so incredibly beautiful and we never tired of the snow-capped mountains and volcanoes and the crystal clear water in the lakes. Our two guides were so friendly and helpful & the trip was run extremely well. We stayed in some gorgeous accommodation and ate in lovely restaurants recommended by the guides. This was my 9th cycle tour (4th with redspokes) and one of my favourite destinations. Learning to speak Spanish is definitely on my agenda!

Mark Webb Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Mark Webb, Adelaide, Australia

Mark Webb from Adelaide, Australia rates our  cycling holiday at 4 out of 5

This was certainly the best cycling trip I have done, and I have done 5 or 6 others. A very beautiful part of the world. We were blessed with great weather and a great group of like minded cyclists.

Kolja Stille Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Kolja Stille, Bremen, Germany

Kolja Stille from Bremen, Germany rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Wonderful two weeks in the Patagonain lake district. Good riding, not too severe despite a few up-hills and down-hills. The trip was enjoyable for a large variety of cyclists. The two Guides German and Guido did a very good job to show us the different sceneries of the lake district. Recommended!

Robert Latta Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Robert Latta, Fakenham, England, UK

Robert Latta from Fakenham, England, UK rates our  cycling holiday at 4.5 out of 5

Both of the guides were excellent and very supportive as we were a good deal slower than others. Some of the gravel hills were too hard for both my wife and I but everyone was very helpful and encouraging. This was the best thing I have done in a long time and look forward to doing more whilst I am still able. Thank you, my wife is now looking to go somewhere else in the future ! How things change.

Casey Thomas Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Casey Thomas, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Casey Thomas from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

This was our first bike tour, and while we were a little hesitant to book it at first, it turned out to be an amazing trip. Everything about the tour was great, especially the guides. Marcelo, Diego, and Jeronimo did an excellent job leading and supporting us. They were great company too. My only reservations about doing another bike tour is that the guides won't be as good as Marcelo's team.

Violando and Richard Percival Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Violando and Richard Percival, Watlington, England, UK

Violando and Richard Percival from Watlington, England, UK rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

A really special holiday! Stunning scenery, challenging but rewarding cycle routes, a fantastic team taking care of us, and a great group of fellow travelers from the UK and the USA. Really couldn't find fault with any aspect of this beautifully organized trip. Highly recommended.

Louis Rosenthal Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Louis Rosenthal, Colorado, USA

Louis Rosenthal from Colorado, USA rates our  cycling holiday at 4.5 out of 5

The redspokes Chile/Argentina tour was fantastic. Everything was well organized and several nice small touches were added in that enhanced our experience. Our two Argentinian guides were wonderful and knew the landscape and area history. Their support was consistently great throughout the two week tour. The couple of things that could have gone better were not the fault of the guides or organizers of the trip. We felt the price of the trip was very fair for all that was included. We had friends who did this tour last year and recommended it highly. We were fortunate to have the same guides they did as they were very pleased and for good reason. Since last year some changes were made to the itinerary to make this trip even better. The mark of a good organization is to try to always improve and we certainly got this impression about redspokes and this tour.

William Laufs Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

William Laufs, Ratingen, Germany

William Laufs from Ratingen, Germany rates our  cycling holiday at 4.5 out of 5

Well planned and organized every step of the way. An unforgettable trip.

Robert Burford Cycling on the  tour with redspokes

Robert Burford, Luton, England, UK

Robert Burford from Luton, England, UK rates our  cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Overall a fantastic trip in an stunningly beautiful part of this world, all days were well organised with being able to stop and take pictures, ride at your pace and enjoy each day. This is my 4th trip organised by redspokes and it truly does what is says on the tin!

Chile and Argentina are beautiful and cant think of any other way to see such beautiful places and hideaway's in this world. The team helping us on our way were always approachable and served with a smile. Food excellent, drink excellent, cycling a pleasure. The group we cycled with became friends immediately and had a hilarious time on route and at our resorts. A fantastic way to celebrate my 50th birthday, the team, the cycling group and the hotel really made a memorable day and evening. Really looking forward in meeting up with them on another redspokes trip in the future.

Showing 21 to 30 of 63 Testimonials