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We are dedicated to delivering fantastic cycling holidays through the most spectacular regions of the world, offering fascinating sceneries and immense cultural interest.

But don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers have had to say about redspokes and our services...

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David Harris Cycling on the Nepal tour with redspokes

David Harris, Luz-Lagos, Portugal

David Harris from Luz-Lagos, Portugal rates our Nepal cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

I can hardly imagine a better local team: Omniscient omnipotent Ox - shepherding us (mostly) Nepal neophytes through a diverse voyage of discovery. The ever grinning, ever encouraging Turek - ready for any eventuality. And Lama, always there with great snacks & water, water, water. And, check out his 'stealth' mode: filling our bike bottles without anyone noticing - amazing. 3 of the hardest working guys I have ever seen!

This tour has some of the most spectacular bicycling on the planet interwoven with a broad range of rich cultural experiences. Spent with a great group of open-minded, inquisitive and enthusiastic fellow cyclists, this became a truly life-affirming adventure.

And the Nepalese? The poverty of these people will break your heart but their nobility will lift it up again!

So many thanks redspokes.

Clive Smith Cycling on the Nepal tour with redspokes

Clive Smith, Bexley, England

Clive Smith from Bexley, England rates our Nepal cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

A great tour - varied and value for money.

Ox is a cool guy and looked after the group well - the bike was really good - far better than I expected.

The whole team were good and I would recommend them...
Tobi Grimminger Cycling on the Nepal tour with redspokes

Tobi Grimminger, Zurich Switzerland

Tobi Grimminger from Zurich Switzerland rates our Nepal cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

What a wonderful trip! Thanks for supporting us so much for the Thorung La attempt and organizing flights/helicopter, guide, hotels... These were the best mountains I ever did on my bike.

And Ox and the guides were such a fantastic team to explain Nepal and help in every situation (plus teaching us how to eat with hands properly). 11/10 points!

Nathaniel Lloyd Cycling on the Nepal tour with redspokes

Nathaniel Lloyd, Zurich, Switzerland

Nathaniel Lloyd from Zurich, Switzerland  rates our Nepal cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Ox and his team exceeded my expectations, they were extremely professional and did everything in their power to make the tour run as smoothly as possible. Whenever something went wrong, such as when Tobi and I had our flight to Jomsom cancelled for two days in a row due to bad weather, Ox would pour limitless energy into resolving the problem. In the case of the Jomsom flight problem, we watched other tour groups turn sour as their prospects of getting on a flight vanished. We were lucky to have Ox, while the other groups were arguing with the airline he was quietly booking us on the next helicopter up.

Ox was also extremely good at understanding what each person in the group expected out of the tour. He had guides to go ahead with the fast riders, he made sure the slow riders were ok and encouraged them to take their time and enjoy, he always made sure the end of the day was as organized as possible and he was always up in the morning making sure the bikes were ready and the plans for the day organized. On our days off he was also busy working and his boys busy cleaning bikes.

Without Ox this trip would have been much less enjoyable, he socialized extremely well with all people in the tour, and has an extremely large Nepalese social network to draw help from when something needs to be resolved or fixed. Ox and his team were absolutely committed to making the most out of the tour, his guides and driver were also extraordinary.

In conclusion - I don't think there is another Ox, or team as strong as his, in Kathmandu.

Ian James Cycling on the Nepal tour with redspokes

Ian James, Cornwall, England

Ian James from Cornwall, England rates our Nepal cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Having never been on an organised tour before or even on a cycling holiday I found this trip to be very enjoyable. Quite a sociable holiday and I got to see places in Nepal which I would not have got too normally.

Ox the guide with his team were very capable and I felt they could handle any situation thrown at them. Overall a great time and I felt good value for money.

JP CHARON Cycling on the Nepal tour with redspokes

JP CHARON, Troon, Scotland

JP CHARON from Troon, Scotland rates our Nepal cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

A great journey with stunning scenery and sometimes challenging cycling over varied 'undulating' terrain. 

Our leader, Ox, dealt very well with the logistical difficulties thrown up by the late monsoon; flights were rearranged, landslides were bypassed and beer was supplied. I had been to Nepal twice before trekking in the high mountains, but this tour was no less enjoyable for it, staying away from the main tourist areas for days at a time and showing a different side to the country.

Graeme Guilford Cycling on the Nepal tour with redspokes

Graeme Guilford, Matmata, New Zealand

Graeme Guilford from Matmata, New Zealand rates our Nepal cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

I had a wonderful trip, with a wide variation in accommodation which gave us a real feel for Nepal. Ox our guide was really excellent and coped withevery situation calmly and efficiently.

From the cities to the little villages to the amazing scenery, a trip to remember.

Paul Noonan Cycling on the Nepal tour with redspokes

Paul Noonan, New Zealand

Paul Noonan from New Zealand rates our Nepal cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

I thought the trip was very well organised, and good value for money. The food and accommodation were better than expected- we were in Nepal after all.

I thought Ox did an outstanding job- his networking and interpersonal skills were exceptional.

I like the redspokes philosophy of combining cycling and travel with assisting the local economy by spending with the locals.

BeeJay Cycling on the Nepal tour with redspokes

BeeJay, Cowes, Isle of Wight, England

BeeJay from Cowes, Isle of Wight, England rates our Nepal cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Great trip, very diverse and well organised. The balance between hard and easy days worked really well and I never felt tired or over stretched on any of the days..

Ox was a great people person and always had a smile on his face no matter what situation was thrown at him..

Really good guide, great team and brilliant holiday so thank you redspokes.
Robert Armitage Cycling on the Nepal tour with redspokes

Robert Armitage, Huddersfield, UK

Robert Armitage from Huddersfield, UK rates our Nepal cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

I had a great time on the Nepal tour, it was an amazing experience and I hope to cherish the memories for some time.

Nepal is hard to put in to words, the people are friendly and the scenery of is outstanding, including many of the ordinary houses and buildings. One of the enduring images is the smiling happy children that love to wave and say 'Namaste', 'Hello', or 'Bye Bye' as you cycle past, many of them wanting to run to keep up with you or try to beat you!

redspokes is a well organised outfit, all the logistics were handled really well and all our group of 8 people really enjoyed our time spent on and off the bike. I would definitely recommend a trip with redspokes to Nepal. It's highly likely I will be choosing another trip next year. - Robert Armitage (NEP 9)

Showing 31 to 40 of 53 Testimonials