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Booking Conditions

redspokes Adventure Tours Ltd. referred to as RSAT, accepts bookings subject to the following conditions:

1. How to book

A non refundable deposit of £250 - £350 per person is required, together with a booking form. The balance of the tour price is payable to RSAT, 56 days prior to departure. If you are booking fewer than 56 days prior to departure the full amount is payable.

2. Cancellations

If it becomes necessary for you to cancel your tour, you must notify RSAT immediately in writing. Upon receipt by us of your written advice, cancellation will take effect. If cancellation takes place more than 56 days prior to departure the deposit premium will be forfeited. If cancellation takes place between 42 days and 56 days prior to departure, 50% of the tourprice will be forfeited. If cancellation takes place between 31 and 41 days prior to departure, 75% of the tour cost will be forfeited. If cancellation takes place between 0 and 30 days prior to departure, 100% of the tour cost will be forfeited.

3. Cancellation by RSAT

We will not cancel your booking unless:

a) We are forced to do so by circumstances beyond our control, such as war civil and political unrest, or “force majeure”; or b) The minimum number of people (six) needed to operate the tour has not been reached (tour status will show as 'Available' not 'Guaranteed'. In the latter case we will not cancel your tour fewer than 30 days prior to the date of departure, under these circumstances we will offer you another tour or a full refund.

4. Alterations to itinerary

You book your holiday on the understanding that you accept the itinerary as an outline that may change to accommodate local circumstances. Our tours go to hazardous areas, where unpredictable weather conditions, landslides and other disruptions may need to be accommodated. You must be prepared to be flexible and agree change arrangements where necessary. No refunds will be given for unused services.

5. Tour leader authority

Signing this booking form signifies that while on the trip you agree and abide by the authority of the leader who represents RSAT. If, in the opinion of the leader, your health or behaviour on the tour is deemed to be detrimental to the safety, comfort or enjoyment of yourself or others, you may be excluded from part of or the entire trip. If excluded from the trip, RSAT shall cease to have any responsibility for you and no refund will be made.

6. Insurance

It is mandatory that you be well-insured for the full duration of the tour. This must include personal injury, medical expenses, death, repatriation, helicopter or aircraft rescue, loss of luggage or equipment, cancellation or curtailments. You should also ensure that there are no exclusion clauses limiting protection for the type of activities included in your tour. Any claims concerning matters for which you are insured must be directed to your insurers.  Insurance must be taken out at the time of booking your trip.

7. Joining the tour locally

Our responsibility does not commence until the appointed time at the designated meeting point. If you fail to arrive there at the appointed time, we shall not be responsible for any additional expenses incurred by you in meeting up with the group. If the group arrival is delayed from any country in the world to the local joining point, the tour shall not be deemed to begin until the arrival of the group.

8. Passports, vaccinations and visas

It is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid passport, visa permits, inoculations and preventative medicines as may be required for the duration of the tour. Information about these matters or related items is given in good faith but without responsibility on the part of RSAT.

9. Responsibilities

All participants take part at their own risk and agree to indemnify RSAT against claims for loss or damage to personal property, personal injury (or death) and any claim arising from the participants own actions. We shall not be liable for the theft of or damage to your bicycle (whether hired or not) or injury as a result of cycling, either on or off the road and, in particular, injuries as a result of inadequately serviced or maintained cycling equipment.

10. Flights

Our holiday price does not include your flights but does include transfer from the airport to the designated meeting point. Any flight forming part of your holiday will be subject to the General Conditions of Carriage and Conditions of Contract of the airline and transfer from the airport to the designated meeting point.

11. Price guarantee

We guarantee that the price of your holiday will not be subjected to any surcharge. The only time the price of your holiday would increase would be 28 days or more, from the start date of your holiday, due to the exchange rate altering significantly (5% or more as given by a high street bank). Even in this case we will absorb an amount equivalent to 5% of the tour price. Only amounts in excess of 5% would be surcharged. If the tour price increases by 10% a full refund will be offered by us.

12. Good health

Participants must be relatively fit to take part in our tours. Any client with a pre-existing medical condition or illness must declare such conditions when booking. RSAT may require a medical statement from a GP confirming that they are fit to participate. RSAT reserves the right to refuse a participant who is deemed medically unfit to take part. Participants must also inform RSAT if there is any change in medical conditions between booking and departure.

13. Severability

If any part term or provision of the contract is held to be illegal or unenforcable it should not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of the contract.

14. Complaints

If you have a complaint about any of the tour arrangements you must bring it to the attention of the tour leader as soon as possible to enable them to take appropriate action to rectify the situation where possible. If you are not satisfied with the response and you feel that your enjoyment of the tour has been affected, you must write to the RSAT office within 21 days of the completion of the tour, and we will do our best to resolve the problem.


redspokes Adventure Tours is the trading name of Redspokes Ltd

Registered in England. No 9422086.

Registered Office: Inverness House, Clachnaharry Road, Inverness, Scotland, IV3 8LS Tel: 01463 417707