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Cycle & Experience

Pakistan - The Old Silk Route

Mountains and Glaciers

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Karakoram Highway to Kyrgyzstan

Karakoram Highway to Kyrgyzstan

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The redspokes cycle tour of Pakistan is an opportunity to experience astounding natural beauty and ancient cultures while enjoying some of the best riding in the world.

The Karakoram is the backbone of vast colliding mountain ranges incorporating some of the globe's highest peaks and longest non-Polar glaciers. The peaks reach 7,000-8,000m and include K2: the second-highest mountain on the planet.

On the Old Silk Route and KKH to Kyrgystan tours we cycle from Gilgit through the Bagrote Valley at the heart of the Karakorum Mountains, and Dubani to the south east continuing onwards to Shimshall the highest settlement in the Hunza valley and cycling back down the pass on thrilling mountain road. Known for outstanding natural beauty, welcoming communities and endless hiking and mountain biking opportunities, until very recently the Hunza was cut off from the modern world, mythologized in books and films such as the "Lost Kingdom of Shangri-La'. Due to the area's isolation and lack of climatic pollution, its people are reputed to have extraordinary health and longevity.

Revel in the striking beauty of Northern Pakistan's snow-capped Karakoram mountain range (with its peaks at 7,000-8,000 m) and glacial river valleys characterised by distinctive black rocks and the world's largest non-Polar glaciers.

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