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Cycling Holidays in
e-bike tours

Colombia - Medellin to Bogota

See it! Feel it! Love it!

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14 days from


Chile & Argentina

Patagonia & the Lake District

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14 days from


North Argentina

Rainforest, Ravines and Puna

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12 days from


Vietnam N.E

Remote - Far North East

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13 days from


Sri Lanka - Classic

Negombo - Udawalawe - Belihuloya - Galle

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14 days from


Sri Lanka - North to South

Undiscovered North East to Classic South

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14 days from


Albania - Classic

One Of Europe's Secret Treasures

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9 days from


Scotland - The Remote Highlands

Discover Scotland

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8 days from


Why not join one of our tours on a e-bike?

E-biking is electrically assisted biking, either road cycling or mountain biking and it is fantastic!  One of the main advantages of electric bikes is that they open up cycling to many people who might otherwise be reluctant to get on a bike, with the small electric motor making even relatively steep climbs easy to overcome. Rides that seem beyond reach on a normal bike are suddenly no problem on an e-bike. 

We have e-bike hire in the following countries: Albania, Colombia, Scotland, Vietnam.