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Cycle & Experience

Scotland - The Remote Highlands

Discover Scotland

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8 days from


Scotland - Highlands and Islands

Highlands and Islands

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9 days from


Scotland 500

Best of Scotland

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17 days from


Scotland Custom Tour

Bespoke tours of Scotland tailored especially for you

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Scotland is the spiritual home of redspokes and the actual home of company director Dermot MacWard. Where better to discover the wonders of nature and the true spirit of discovery that lies at the heart of redspokes adventure tours?

We have three itineraries for you to choose from:

Take the Highlands and Islands route, island hopping then following the Mull of Kintyre and the Caledonia Way to Inverness.

Explore the remote crofting and fishing communities of the North West, cycling rugged mountains, passing Atlantic coastal villages and beaches in our Remote Highlands Tour.

Our Scotland 500 Tour is a combination of the two shorter trips in an epic cycling adventure of more than 500 miles, linking our Highlands and Islands and Northwest Remote Scotland itineraries. The cyclists quieter alternative to the busy North Coast 500 route. Beaches, mountain passes, green valleys, lochs and fast flowing rivers. Scotland has them all. The ultimate Alba Experience!

Scotland Bicycle Holidays