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Cycling Holidays in

Laos: Northern Loop

Rural Lao

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13 days from


3 Countries 16 Days

Thailand, Laos and Vietnam

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16 days from


3 Countries 15 Days

Vietnam, Laos & Thailand

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15 days from


Vietnam to Laos


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14 days from


Laos - South to North

A Hospitable Journey

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14 days from


Customised Tour

Bespoke tours of Laos tailored especially for you

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Laos is a beautiful, quiet country, still relatively untouched by western values. It is mountainous and land-locked, with a population of just 6 million who have a reputation for being amongst the most welcoming and friendly people in the world. 

You will enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in Asia, cycling through rural landscapes. On all our Laos tours we visit a Hmong village school which redspokes has been supporting for a number of years and experience a traditional Baci ceremony.  This will give you an insight into the traditions and culture of the Tai Lue people. 

Laos Cycling Holidays