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North Thailand

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South Thailand

The Perfect Balance Of Activity And Relaxation

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Explore the diverse landscapes and cultures of Thailand with our two exceptional cycling adventures, each offering a distinct perspective on this captivating country.

Our "Gentle Tour of South Thailand" starts in the bustling city of Bangkok, taking cyclists on a tranquil coastal route along the Gulf of Thailand and the scenic Andaman coast. This laid-back exploration encompasses lively markets, sacred temples, and a delightful island hop to the tropical haven of Phuket. Immerse yourself in the coastal charm and cultural richness of South Thailand, experiencing classic Thai cuisine and the breathtaking vistas of the Andaman Sea.

For the thrill-seekers, our "Challenging Tour of the North" presents an exhilarating adventure through the cultural tapestry of Northern Thailand. Traverse the enchanting landscapes of Chiang Rai, uncover the historical secrets of the Golden Triangle, and delve into the remote province of Nan. This challenging journey promises encounters with hill tribes, traditional communities, and the untamed beauty of Northern Thailand, providing a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.

Whether you opt for the gentle coastal exploration of the South or the challenging adventure through the North, both tours promise an authentic taste of Thai culture, diverse landscapes, and the joy of discovering the unique wonders that make Thailand a premier destination for cycling enthusiasts.

Here are some more details on our cycling holidays in Thailand

North Thailand

Explore the wonders of Northern Thailand on our meticulously planned cycling holiday.

Your journey kicks off in Chiang Rai, and from there, a short transfer takes you to Mae Sai, where the cycling adventure begins. Traverse through the iconic Golden Triangle, where the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar converge, creating a unique backdrop for a memorable cycling experience.

Moving on, Phu Chi Fa presents a breathtaking mountain scenery, featuring karst peaks that paint the horizon. The route introduces cyclists to rolling mists that playfully dance around hidden temples, adding an air of mystique to the landscape.

A well-deserved break awaits in Chiang Kham, offering a rest day to explore the area's minority cultures and delve into the region's history. Phu Lang Ka provides a serene interlude with its captivating vistas, offering a peaceful contrast to the challenging cycling terrain.

The journey continues through Nan, a town boasting historical richness, unveiling its secrets through tumbling waterfalls and varied cycling challenges. Returning to Chiang Rai, the cycling holiday concludes, leaving participants with memories of traditional markets, hidden temples, and the diverse cultural tapestry of Northern Thailand.

This cycling holiday seamlessly blends the thrill of the ride with cultural immersion, showcasing the region's natural beauty, historical richness, and the warm embrace of its communities.

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South Thailand

redspokes' Southern Thailand cycling holiday from Bangkok to Phuket is the perfect balance of activity and relaxation. Our tour begins in Bangkok with a fascinating city tour by bike. Following quiet streets, we gain an insight into the life and history of the vibrant Thai capital.

We transfer to Sam Roi Yot where our coastal cycling trip begins. Our route follows quiet, well surfaced roads and tracks as we ride to unspoiled beaches and cycle through fishing village communities. There are plenty of opportunities to swim, sunbathe and enjoy fine Thai cuisine along the way. We cycle through rubber plantations, coconut groves and jungle enjoying picturesque scenery not least of all, spectacular views of the Kho Sok national park. There is little to disturb the tranquillity of our journey.

Having cycled along the Gulf of Thailand we take a boat trip from the mainland sailing off through karst cliffs to Koh Noi Island, passing in and out of small harbours. Despite its proximity to one of Thailand's premier tourist attractions Koh Yao Noi remains beautiful and unspoiled.

Our island hop continues to the popular destination of Phuket with its famous white sandy beaches along the waters of the Andaman Sea. After cycling across the island, we can celebrate the end of our South Thailand ride with a dip in the sea and sunset drinks. 

Incorporating popular Thai destinations and unspoiled landscapes, the redspokes South Thailand cycling holiday combines the pleasures of a sunny getaway with scenic cycling. Almost the entire route will be on quiet back roads and tracks avoiding the busy Thai highways. 

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