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Cycling Holidays in

Kyrgyzstan - The Shepherd's Way

The Shepherds Way

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14 days from


Karakoram Highway

Karakoram Highway

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20 days from


Tajikistan to Kyrgyzstan

The Pamir Highway

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19 days from


Customised Tour

Bespoke tours of Kyrgyzstan tailored especially for you

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The redspokes Kyrgyzstan mountain biking tours are a rare opportunity to explore the heart of Central Asia with scenic grand vistas, deep gorges, high, snowy peaks, rural villages and glacial rivers.  We experience nomadic culture and traditions enjoying local hospitality from shepherd families in their summer yurts amongst sparsely populated green mountains.

Kyrgyzstan is dominated by mountains, over 90% of the terrain lies above 1000 m. The cycling includes challenging climbs over high passes.  Tourism is still in its infancy and vast areas of Kyrgyzstan are largely unknown to foreign visitors. Beaming smiles, open arms and unrivalled hospitality await you on our tours. 

Kyrgyzstan Cycling Holidays