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5% Off All 'Available' Tours with code '5AVAIL'

We are offering a 5% discount on all cycling tours with an 'Available' or 'Available 2 More To Guarantee' status.

To redeem this fantastic offer, simply choose your adventure, make a booking and insert the code '5AVAIL' at the confirmation stage of your booking.

Any deposit paid on a tour with an 'Available' or 'Available 2 More To Guarantee' status is refundable up until the point at which the trip becomes 'Guaranteed'

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5% Off: North Thailand

Cycle through the famed Golden Triangle and on to Phu Chi Fa, high in the mountains, a unique spot in Northern Thailand with a rich diversity of flora and fauna. You will visit hidden temples, traditional markets, tumbling waterfalls and tranquil retreats in some of Thailand’s most ethnically diverse regions, encountering some challenging terrain. 

We are offering a generous 10% off our North Thailand tour below for a limited period. To qualify for this discount please contact us prior to making the booking.

 05/12/2021 16/12/2021

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5% Off: Colombia - Medellin to Bogota Tour

Colombia is one of South America's most beautiful but least-visited countries. The Colombian passion for cycling is on a par with their love of football, making it a fantastic destination for the intrepid cyclist. The redspokes tour from Medellin to Bogotá combines challenging long mountain climbs and dramatic Andean scenery.

Join our guaranteed trip below and receive a generous 5% off the tour! To qualify, please contact us prior to making the booking.

 20/11/2021 03/12/2021