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Remote Highlands Cycling Holiday

12 Day: Guided Off Road

Tour Overview

Embark on an extraordinary off-road cycling adventure with our latest offering for 2024 – a captivating journey from Inverness to John O'Groats. This meticulously crafted tour invites cycling enthusiasts to traverse the scenic landscapes of Scotland, revealing hidden gems along paths and quiet roads, where solitude and breathtaking vistas become your constant companions.

Setting out from the historic Highland capital, Inverness, riders will follow the iconic Great Glen Way, a route that seamlessly blends natural beauty with the thrill of off-road exploration. The emphasis on paths and quiet roads ensures an intimate connection with the environment, with days unfolding where the only company is the whispering wind and the occasional bird's song.

As the tour progresses through Invermoriston, Struy, and Contin, cyclists will encounter a minimal amount of singletrack, carefully curated to provide an immersive experience without requiring technical expertise. The journey weaves through Alness, offering a well-deserved rest day amidst the town's charm. For those seeking an extra layer of indulgence, an optional visit to the renowned Glenmorangie Distillery is on the agenda – a chance to explore the world of Scotch whisky craftsmanship.

Continuing the odyssey, the route unfolds through Rosehall, Altnaharra, and Forsinain, introducing riders to landscapes where encounters with other travelers are a rarity. This carefully selected path ensures an unhurried exploration of Scotland's less-explored corners, allowing cyclists to savor the freedom of the open road and the tranquility of untouched nature.

The culmination of this extraordinary journey awaits at the iconic John O'Groats, where the northernmost tip of mainland Britain greets intrepid cyclists. The absence of technical challenges ensures accessibility for riders of various skill levels, making this tour an ideal adventure for those seeking a blend of off-road excitement and serene landscapes.

In 2024, our Inverness to John O'Groats off-road cycling tour is an invitation to discover Scotland's soul-stirring beauty, where each pedal stroke carries you further into the heart of the untamed wilderness. Join us on this unparalleled adventure, where the road less traveled becomes the canvas for an unforgettable cycling experience.


Dates & Prices

07 Sep 2024 - 18 Sep 2024
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Key Stats

Cycling Difficulty
62 km
38.5 mile
Average Daily distance
769 m
2,522 ft
Average Daily Ascent
No. of Days Cycling

Tour Features

  • Inverness: Highland capital city
  • Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle

  • Glen Affric Nature Reserve

  • Rogie Falls cascading Black Water river

  • Ben Wyvis National Nature Reserve

  • Alladale Wilderness Reserve

  • Forsinard Flows National Nature Reserve

  • John O Groats, one of the most Northern parts

Example route for this Scotland cycling holiday Example route for this Scotland cycling holiday