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Cycle & Experience
3 countries 2 weeks

3 Countries 15 Days

Vietnam, Laos & Thailand

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15 days from


3 Countries 16 Days

Thailand, Laos and Vietnam

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16 days from


Our 3 Countries in 2 Weeks itinerary runs in both directions, so you can either cycle from Vietnam to Laos to Thailand (15 Days) or from Thailand to Laos to Vietnam (16 Days). You could check our daily climbs and descents data on the itineraries to see which way you prefer to cycle this mountainous tour of discovery!

Highlights of the trip include in Vietnam, hill tribe culture, the Tram Ton (1,900m; 6,230ft), the highest mountain pass in Vietnam and Southeast Asia and Dien Biên Phu, where the French were defeated in 1954. In Laos an insight village life, including traditional Baci ceremony. Rugged scenery, traditional temples and a stunning mountainous scenery of rolling ‘sea clouds’ at Phu Lang Ka in Chiam Kahn district Northern Thailand.

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