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3 Countries 16 Days
Thailand, Laos and Vietnam

Tour Overview

From Thailand our journey begins in Chiang Rai, we cycle through Chiang Kham district to Phu Lang Ka for an unforgettable morning sun rise through karst rocks shrouded in rolling clouds. We cycle onto Laos for a traditional welcome and Baci ceremony at our homestay village. Following quiet mountain roads in the least populated areas of Northern Laos we reach Vietnam, cycling to historic Dien Biên Phu where the French military were defeated in 1954. We continue to hill station Sa Pa over the Tram Ton pass South Asia’s highest mountain pass. We end the cycling 35km down hill from Sa Pa with a transfer to Vietnamese capital Hanoi.


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Average Temperature and Average Rain Chart for our Vietnam, Laos and Thailand cycling holiday

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Key details of our Cycling holiday in :

Tour Features

  • Nan Province: minority cultures, ancient wats.
  • Sunset and sunrise at Phu Lang Ka, Phayo province. 
  • Laos: home stay and traditional Baci ceremony.
  • Dien Biên Phu: location of 1954 Viet Minh conquest.
  • Tam Tron: the highest mountain pass in Vietnam.
  • Hanoi: Old Quarter and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.
Cycle Holiday Tour Difficulty: 7/10 - Difficult

Ride Difficulty
7/10 - Difficult

Average Daily Distance: 75km / 48miles

Avg. Daily Distance
75km / 48miles

Number of Cycle Days: 14

Number of Cycle Days
14 days

Maximum Altitude: 1,900m / 6,230ft

Max Altitude
1,900m / 6,230ft

Example route for this  cycling holiday

This map is for illustration purposes only and may not show the exact route taken on this tour.