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Ethical Cycling

PERU - Vizcachani School

This is redspokes guide Edwardo Molina description of the school we are supporting in Peru.

Vizcachani is a little place in the middle of the National reserve of salinas y Aguada Blanca on the way to the Colca Canyon, it is at 4.400 metres high. In the place there are just 2 houses, a church and a school, where everyday 13 kids arrive to go the primary school, they are shepherds children between 4 to 12 years old. They have only one teacher for all the different levels, he teaches them in small groups in just one class room.

Most of the children live far away from the school. Some of them walk 3 hours to get there, climbing hills and crossing streams in the middle of nowhere to arrive often without a proper breakfast, just a cup of chachacoma tea (herb of the andes) and some barley flour called mashka. This has to last until they return home in the late afternoon. They walk with ruber sandals and shaby clothes, not suitable for that cold weather in the high Andeas.

Eduardo Molina redspokes.

Over the past few years we have started making small contributions to the school, these have included boxes of food and warm clothes for the children.

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Ethical Cycling

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