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Ethical Cycling



Red Spokes has also linked up with Climate Care, an organisation that helps you to repair the damage your activities do to the climate. It does this by 'offsetting' the greenhouse gas emissions, such as CO2, from your activities by reducing an equivalent amount of CO2 on your behalf.

These reductions are made through a range of projects in renewable energy, energy efficiency and rainforest restoration which not only fight climate change but bring benefits to communities round the world.To find out more visit www.climatecare.org Red Spokes will make a donation to Climate Care for every guide who leads tours abroad.

See below some of the different projects Climate Care's have been involved in...

Efficient stoves in Honduras

Climate Care is working in Honduras to make fuel efficient cooking stoves available in some of the poorest communities. This supports conservation by reducing the wood needed for cooking. It also benefits the householders by removing smoke from the kitchen and dramatically cutting the health risk from wood smoke. Each stove reduces carbon dioxide emissions by around 1.5 tonnes per year, compared to an open wood fire.

The project is expected to save 7,000 tonnes of CO2.

Renewable power for schools in India

Climate Care is funding a project to introduce school stoves that run off a new renewable fuel source, replacing stoves that use fossil fuel LPG. Crop waste is being used to make biomass briquettes for the stoves, providing an extra income to farmers. For the schools this is good news because the new renewable fuel is cheaper. The stove has also proved popular with pupils, who prefer the taste of the food!

This project is expected to save 11,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Human powered water pumps in India

Climate Care’s funding is helping to expand the availability of a simple and ingenious 'treadle pump', which can be used by farmers to irrigate their crops, replacing dirty and expensive diesel pumps. Crops can be grown all year round, helping farmers to increase their yields and stay on their land all year round without having to leave to find work in the cities.

Each treadle pump saves around 0.65 tonnes CO2 per year.

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Ethical Cycling

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