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Indian Himalayas

We are dedicated to delivering fantastic cycling holidays through the most spectacular regions of the world, offering fascinating sceneries and immense cultural interest.

But don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers have had to say about redspokes and our services...

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Ross Prielipp & Annette Meier Cycling on the North Thailand tour with redspokes

Ross Prielipp & Annette Meier, High Halstow, England, United Kingdom
North Thailand

Ross Prielipp & Annette Meier from High Halstow, England, United Kingdom rates our North Thailand cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

This was our 4th tour with Redspokes and having thoroughly enjoyed the previous 3, this trip did not disappoint. The cycling is stunning, well surfaced roads, very little traffic, beautiful scenery and plenty of challenging climbs followed, of course, by exhilarating descents. The small towns and villages through which you pass are fascinating. The rest day in Chiang Kham is a particular treat, we were absolutely spoilt by the resort owner Rico and would love to go back there sometime.
The real highlight of this trip however is the guide Preecha, he epitomizes the friendly open nature of the northern Thai people and is someone you will not forget. This was as much a gastronomic tour as it was a cycling tour. During the day we stopped at roadside cafes for delicious pad Thai or noodle soup and had snacks of sticky rice flavoured with coconut. In the evenings Preecha took us to restaurants, night markets and riverside stalls for amazing dishes of grilled fish, firery curries and even deep fried bamboo worms (absolutely yummy). Thanks to Preecha, Rico and the Redspokes team for a memorable trip.

Adrian Sankey Cycling on the North Thailand tour with redspokes

Adrian Sankey, Ambleside, England, UK
North Thailand

Adrian Sankey from Ambleside, England, UK rates our North Thailand cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

This was an excellent trip through the most beautiful countryside of Thailand. The cycling was great. A carefully chosen route with lots of interest and variety. Some of it was challenging, but the rewards were spectacular.

Our splendid guide Preecha looked after us admirably and found us imaginative places to eat both at lunchtime and in the evening and we stayed in some very comfortable hotels. I would happily do it again tomorrow!

Weland Mahar Cycling on the Sri Lanka - North to South tour with redspokes

Weland Mahar, Weetangera, Australia
Sri Lanka - North to South

Weland Mahar from Weetangera, Australia rates our Sri Lanka - North to South cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Long flat heat at the start, building up to steep climbs and never ending fast descents in the cooler hills towards the end. This ride was an interesting and varied journey through different cultures, terrain and conditions. The tour started strongly and just kept getting better as we went. The guides Sampath and Chamara were excellent and we couldn’t believe how good the food and accommodation was - it felt like a luxury foodie tour with lots of riding !! The best part was seeing the less explored parts of Sri Lanka especially in the North. The roads are superb - Highly recommended.

Paula Barclay Cycling on the Indian Himalayas   tour with redspokes

Paula Barclay, Colorado, United States
Indian Himalayas

Paula Barclay from Colorado, United States rates our Indian Himalayas   cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

I have to be honest: I was as nervous as hell after I signed up for this trip. I'd seen a slide show in my hometown about a woman's trip through four countries with redspokes. As soon as I heard to talk I was hooked! However after I sent in my deposit, I thought, "What the heck am I doing?" This trip is rated extreme and it is! It's extreme altitudes, an extreme, arid climate and day after day of extreme elevation gains. With all that being said, it is also a trip of amazing scenery, incredible people and physical challenges that push you to your limit. Raju and his support team were absolutely amazing -- they were so helpful and encouraging and they will not let you fail! They were there every time I needed a water bottle refill, a banana or just a friendly face and a little encouragement. I also so appreciated the camaraderie and encouragement that developed between myself and the four other members of the group. This was a trip of a lifetime and a dream come true. I loved my experience and am already planning for my next redspokes adventure!

Robert McGraw Cycling on the Indian Himalayas   tour with redspokes

Robert McGraw, Banchory, Scotland
Indian Himalayas

Robert McGraw from Banchory, Scotland rates our Indian Himalayas   cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Overall this was a wonderful trip, that will long be remembered as an outstanding experience.
The admin from redspokes was very good, with all queries dealt with efficiently. I also had a very helpful phone conversation with Demot, who was able to give me some specific information about the trip. This was helpful, as it enabled me to decide to take my own bike, which proved to be a good choice for me. (The hire bikes were perfectly good hardtail MTB’s, but I used a strong drop bar tourer with 42mm gravel tyres. This rolled better than the MTB’s, at the price of a little bit less comfort on the rougher descents. I would not advise less than 40mm tyres, so a normal cross bike would be a bit sketchy)
All of Raju’s support team did an outstanding job. The food was excellent, varied, tasty and nutritious. How do you make quality lasagne in a camp kitchen? The hire bikes were looked after every day, the tents were pitched for us before we arrived each day, with hot water soon following. Raju was also very sensitive to our needs and wishes, and totally willing to help with anything. Not only was the service outstanding, the friendliness and good humour of all the team contributed mightily to the overall experience.
The route was very well planned to provide gradual acclimatisation, which enabled all of us to cope ok with the altitude, and Raju had a good though unobtrusive eye on our safety. All in all, 6 stars for all the support team!

Karen Donnelly Cycling on the Indian Himalayas   tour with redspokes

Karen Donnelly, Bali, Indonesia
Indian Himalayas

Karen Donnelly from Bali, Indonesia rates our Indian Himalayas   cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

This trip was amazing and the biggest cycling challenge of my life. Spectacular scenery, passing over some extremely high passes and remote valleys. The road were mostly good, but some downhill stretches were unpaved and lots of fun after the difficult climbs. I found the altitude the biggest challenge of all. It made every day a tough day, but the environment was so outstandingly beautiful, it was worth the hard work. I did all my training at sea-level, and highly recommend training at altitude if you can get the opportunity!!
We were fantastically supported by a large, hardworking team. On arrival at camp in the afternoons, they had already set up our tents, provided hot water for washing and HUGE amounts of delicious food. The chef was outstanding and produced a wide variety of amazing, healthy and tasty meals!! Raju, our leader, was exceptional. He was very careful in ensuring we were not suffering from the altitude and stayed constantly hydrated and full of food. I felt safe and very well looked after for the entire trip. I highly recommend this trip!!

Bryan Lally Cycling on the Indian Himalayas   tour with redspokes

Bryan Lally, Colorado,United States
Indian Himalayas

Bryan Lally from Colorado,United States rates our Indian Himalayas   cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Had a great time. It was challenging, but we always felt well supported. Will definitely look at redspoke tours again, just not sure which ones - there are so many to choose from! Perhaps Thailand/Laos/Cambodia or one of the South American tours.
I was very impressed with the organization both from redspokes and the local operator.


redspokes Cycling on the Chile Custom Tours tour with redspokes

redspokes, UK
Chile Custom Tours

redspokes from UK rates our Chile Custom Tours cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

redspokes Cycling on the Viva Colombia tour with redspokes

redspokes, .
Viva Colombia

redspokes from . rates our Viva Colombia cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

Peter Dahlhus Cycling on the Indian Himalayas   tour with redspokes

Peter Dahlhus, Stenløse, Denmark
Indian Himalayas

Peter Dahlhus from Stenløse, Denmark rates our Indian Himalayas   cycling holiday at 5 out of 5

I do not like to use 'big words' about personal experiences because words are easily devalued. But I have to say that the redspoke Indian Himalayan tour was a great personal experience, which I will remember for many years. I can mention many things that made this trip something special. But if I only have to mention one thing that made a big difference, it must be Rachi and his team. These people are amazing and I wish I can take them with me next time I go on a redspokes tour.

Showing 1 to 10 of 136 Testimonials