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Albania - Classic
One Of Europe’s Secret Treasures


redspokes new Albanian cycling adventure takes you to one of Europe's secret treasures. As recently as 1991 Albania opened up to the outside world after years of isolation. Tourism is still in its infancy and Albanians give visitors a warm welcome. 70% of the country is mountainous with spectacular landscapes and pristine coastline along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. There are many national parks and several World Heritage Sites.

Albania offers exciting and relatively unchartered cycling routes and temperate weather conditions, with a Mediterranean climate in the lowlands and is second only to Spain in annual sunshine quotas. Whilst journeying through unparalleled natural panoramas you'll enjoy traditional Albanian hospitality, wonderful cuisine, a colourful blend of eastern and western influences, and have opportunities to discover the country's rich history and culture. Albania is fast growing in popularity as a cycling destination. Take the opportunity to visit now.

The redspokes 9 day Albania itinerary begins in the vibrant capital Tirana. We transfer to Lake Ohrid and begin cycling from Pogradec up into the mountains, heading southwards to Korçë. We stop at the hot springs in Benje and reach majestic Gjirokaster. Crossing countryside and more mountains to the Ionian coastline we then follow the Albanian Riviera in a northwards direction. Our cycling ends in Orikum. We will transfer back to Tirana for your journey home.

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Tour Features

  • Tirana: Albania's lively capital city.
  • Lake Ohrid: one of Europe's deepest, oldest lakes.
  • Benje's hot springs: natural thermal waters.
  • World Heritage sites: Pogradec,Gjirocaster, Butrint.
  • Albanian Riviera: turquoise seas, sandy beaches.
  • Traditional cuisine: an east west culinary fusion.
Tour Difficulty: 6/10 - Challenging

6/10 - Challenging

Average Daily Distance: 75km  / 46 miles

Avg. Daily Distance
75km / 46 miles

Number of Cycle Days: 7

Number of Cycle Days
7 days

Maximum Altitude: 1,915m / 6,400ft

Max Altitude
1,915m / 6,400ft

Example route for this Albania cycling holiday

This map is for illustration purposes only and may not show the exact route taken on this tour.