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Top 5 Adventure Retreats

Red Spokes Adventure Tour, Laos

The tiny Buddhist country of Laos only opened its doors to the outside world in 1990s. Land-locked between Thailand and Vietnam, it’s increasing in popularity with each passing year, but remains a mellow slice of South East Asia with friendly people, little traffic and gorgeous scenery. Most people get about by bicycle, and the 14-day Red Spokes Spokes Adventure Tour is an appropriately active way to see this lovely country. Massages to soothe tired limbs can be had enroute from local therapists, and there are trips to Buddhist sites and temples.

Company founder and tour leader Dermot MacWard works hard to build relationships with local communities, and his trips are a treat for those who want to explore another culture and take time out from their own. You’ll stay in local houses, and clock up about 50 miles a day, beginning in Northern Thailand and ending in the capital Vientiane. The trip includes a trip to Ban Faen village, where Red Spokes has ploughed some of its profits to help the local community, when you’ll have a chance to take part in a village animist festival.

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