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China - Yunnan

China: Yunnan

China: Yunnan

China - Yunnan

Yunnan China

Yunnan, China

China - Yunnan

China -Yunnan

Essential Information:
China - Yunnan Cycling Holiday

Glorious Yunnan

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Key Stats

Cycling Difficulty
63 km
39 miles
Average Daily distance
1,113 m
3,651 ft
Average Daily Ascent
No. of Days Cycling

Tour Features

  • Shangri-La: Zhùangjīn Tǒng  prayer wheel.
  • Baishuitui White water terraces: moutain springs.
  • Minority culture:Yi, Bai, Zhuang, Dai, Naxi, Miao.
  • Lijiang: cobbled streets, ancient waterways. 
  • Tiger leaping gorge: dramatic river valley.
  • Ancient Tea Horse route: 'Silk Road of S W China'.