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North Argentina: Rainforest, Ravines and Puna

North Argentina: Rainforest, Ravines and Puna

North Argentina: Rainforest, Ravines and Puna

North Argentina: Rainforest, Ravines and Puna

cycling north argentina

North Argentina: Rainforest, Ravines and Puna

North Argentina: Rainforest, Ravines and Puna

North Argentina Cycling Holiday

Rainforest, Ravines and Puna

Day 1: Arrive Salta 

redspokes North Argentina tour begins in Salta. You will be met at Salta International Airport and transferred to our joining hotel. Once you have checked in we will have group introductions, a bike fitting, and a chat about the tour. The city is known as ‘the beautiful Salta’ for its colonial architecture, balmy weather and scenic natural surroundings, this evening we can enjoy a walking tour through our vibrant surroundings.

Accommodation: Hotel

Day 2: Salta to Cachi

After breakfast we transfer by van (approx 90 minutes) up to a viewpoint called Marino Mancinelli, where we will start cycling along Cuesta del Obispo (Bishop Hill) to Cachi village. We will have some wonderful viewpoints such as Piedra del Molino (“Millstone”) and Los Ojos del Cóndor (“The Condor Eyes”) and will hopefully see one or more condors. We continue cycling along La Recta de Tin Tin (The straight line of Tin Tin), visiting Los Cardones National Park and another panoramic viewpoint: “Mirador del Camino del Inca” (viewpoint of the Incas' Route). Our cycling ends in the small village of Cachi where we stay overnight in a tranquil, typical northern hotel.

Cycle Distance: 66km 60 kms paved road + 6 kms gravel road (41 miles)
Ascent Cycle: 670m (2,198ft)
Accommodation: Hotel (B/L)

Day 3: Cachi to Molinos

This morning, after breakfast we begin cycling along the famous "La Ruta de los Artesanos" ("The Craftsmen Route"), visiting the site of El Colte where loom weavers display their art along the pathway (an ancient art preserved and handed down through generations). From here to Molinos along the old RN40, an undulating road with very little slope.  We will arrive in the picturesque, lost in time village called Molinos, where we will stay at a typical northern XVIII century hotel on the Inca Route.

Cycle Distance: 51km gravel road (32 miles) 
Ascent Cycle: 354m (1,161ft)

Accommodation: Hotel (B/L) 


 Day 4: Molinos to Angastaco

We will have an early breakfast and then begin cycling along a long, road taking in the small villages and vastness of the landscape along the way.  Our cycling will end near Angastaco, which intrigiuingly translates as ‘Eagle of the Carob Tree’

Cycle Distance: 54km gravel road (34 miles)  
Ascent Cycle: 879m (2,883ft)
Accommodation: Hotel  (B,L)

Day 5: Angastaco - Cafayate

After breakfast, we start cycling, stopping at different points of interest with beautiful views of the formidable scenery of "La Quebrada de las Flechas" (The Arrows Ravine), up to the ancient chapel Nuestra Señora de la Merced Chapel. There we will have a coffee stop and continue our cycle south of the Calchaquí Valley, visiting the small, ancient village of San Carlos (the second oldest village in Argentina and a place of Spanish resistance in the wars for independence). An undulating gravel road with a few slopes  brings us to our lodging and dinner in a tranquil place, in the middle of the vineyards.

Cycle Distance: 82km 31 paved road + 51 gravel road (51 miles)
Ascent Cycle: 602m (1,975ft)
Accommodation: Hotel  (B,L)

 Day 6: Cafayate area: Sacred Valley of The Quilmes 

Breakfast and we cycle southwards up to the Sacred City of The Quilmes (a monumental archaeological site). Guided tour, lunch and a return by vehicle, stopping at Las Arcas de Tolombon Winery (or similar) where there will be a sampling of their products. Tonight we will not stay in downtown Cafayate but on the outskirts, in a place with beautiful views of "Los Castillos" (The Castles).

Cycle Distance: 56kms 49 paved road + 7 gravel road (35 miles) 
Ascent Cycle: 391m (1,282ft)

Accommodation: Hotel (B,L)

Day 7: Cafayate to to Dique Cabara Corral

After breakfast, we start our journey towards and along the valley of Las Conchas River with its imposing formations such as (La Yesera , El Anfiteatro / The Amphitheatre, La Garganta del Diablo / Devil's Throat).  Our ride will end at an abandoned railway station Alemania (Germany) and from there we transfer to Dique Cabra Corral, where we lodge at a wonderful hotel.

Cycle Distance: 64km paved road (40 miles)
Ascent Cycle: 433m (1,420ft)

Accommodation: Hotel (B,L)

Day 8: Dique Cabara Corral to Salta

Today, we cycle fom Dique Cabra Corral towards Salta city by an alternative road. We will finish our cycling at La Troja little village and then from there transfer by vehicle to Salta city. Lodging at same Salta hotel as before.

Cycle Distance: 62km 14 paved road + 48 gravel road (38.5miles)
Ascent Cycle: 533m (1,748ft)

Accommodation: Hotel (B)

Day 9: Rest Day in Salta

Today we have a day off the bikes on redspokes North Argentina tour. There is plenty to enjoy in Salta, from colonial architecture to beautiful natural landscapes.  Moving in a clockwise direction around the 9th July Square you will find neo-classical Cathedral Basilica de Salta, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Cabildo (former city town hall, now a museum) and the neoclassical Museum of High Mountain Archaeology, which houses Inca artefacts including 500 year old Incan Ice children.  Within walking distance of the Square is Saint Francis Church and the city's three pedestrian streets: AlberdiFlorida and Caseros

For those of you who enjoy horse riding or hiking you can explore an old Inca Trail. Salta has a cable car which offers splendid views of the city or you can climb over 1000 steps up San Bernardo Hill for spectacular views of the city and the entire valley.

The three blocks in Baclare Street to the train station are now the centre of night life in Salta, with restaurants, pubs and cafés on both sidewalks and concerts every night. You could spend the evening at a traditional Pena (folk concert). Regional music features guitars, sheepskin drums, violins, and of course local gauchos (cowboys) you can even participate, clapping along to the criolla music, a mix of Spanish and indigenous styles and a part of daily life here. 

 Accommodation: Hotel (B)

 Day 10: Salta to Purmamarca 

After an early breakfast we have a short vehicle transfer (18 km) up to the small village La Caldera. This is the starting point of El Camino de la Cornisa (the Edge Route), heading north we cycle  through rainforest along a paved single track road less than 4m wide with some sharp bends and dramatic views. After enjoying a picnic lunch we transfer by vehicle to Purmamarca, our stopping point for the night, surrounded by a colorful landscape. 

Cycle Distance: 42km paved road (26 miles)
Ascent Cycle: 376m (1,233ft)
Accommodation: Hotel  (B,L)

Day 11: Purmamarca:  Salt flats and the Lipan Steep

After another early breakfast we transfer to the famous Salinas Grandes (The Big Salt Plain) a 12 hectare dried out saltwater lake on the Puna.  We cycle through a seemingly infinite sea of salt framed by a strikingly contrasting blue sky. We will have a picnic lunch at the heart of the salt flat, then transfer by vehicle for a while before we begin a dramatic cycle down the Lipan Steep which drops from 4200m to 2200m over 30km to reach Purmamarca.

Cycle Distance: 44km 6 on salt + 32km paved downhill + 6km gravel road (27 miles) 
Ascent Cycle: 153m (501ft)

Accommodation: Hotel (B,L)

Day 12: Purmamarca to Termas de Reyes

We begin this morning with a vehicle transfer to avoid busy roads. From Yala we set off on the bikes cycling to the Yala Lagoon in the Yala National reserve area. The lagoons comprise six lakes which are habitat to many species of bird and other wildlife.  We ride on to Termas de Reyes hot springs. They are known as 'Springs of Kings' because indigenous chiefs travelled here to bathe in the mineral rich waters which were believed to have magical properties. 

Cycle Distance: 30km 25 gravel road and 5 paved road (19 miles) 
Ascent Cycle: 1,012m (3,320ft)

Accommodation: Hotel (B,L)

Day 13: San Salvador de Jujuy - Home

redspokes Northern Argentina tour ends today. You have a free morning with time for shopping or sightseeing in San Salvador de Jujuy before you transfer to the airport for your journey back home.

Note: distances in kilometers for cycling are approximate and are not mandatory as there will be a support vehicle with you at all times.



If you need assistance or wish to discuss the tour, please feel free to call us on +44 (0) 1463 417707.

Alternatively, you can email us on office@redspokes.co.uk for more information on this adventure holiday.