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North Argentina
Rainforest, Ravines and Puna

Tour Overview

The redspokes Northern Argentina tour takes in rainforest, dramatic ravines, the Andean puna and dazzling white salt flats, set against cobalt blue skies. Indigenous cultures, colonial influences and thriving wine production make this an area rich in geographical, historical and contemporary charms. 

Our cycling holiday begins in Salta ‘la Linda’ a beautiful colonial city with outstanding architecture and dramatic landscapes. From here we cycle to Cafayete along the Calchaquíes valleys, passing through Quebrada de las Conchas, a dramatic sandstone gorge that  dates from the Cretaceous Period. Cafayate is the second best-known wine region in Argentina after Mendoza, with a fast growing reputation. We cycle on, discovering ancient indigenous culture and enjoying the unique vistas of Arrows Ravine along Argentina’s longest road, Ruta 40. We visit picturesque Cachi characterised by adobe clay houses and cobblestone streets. The town also boasts the highest bodega in the world, at an altitude just short of 2,500 m.  Looping back through Los Cardones National Park with a thrilling descent, we enjoy a rest day in Salta. Our journey then takes us north to discover the wonders of  the Quebrada de Humahuaca world heritage ravine that runs towards Bolivia. The arid yet colourful mountains lead us to rainforest and on to the high-altitude salt flats. We descend the Lipan Steep and visit the amazing Cerro Siete Colores (Seven Colours Hill) before we end our cycling in San Salador de Juyjuy. 

redspokes Northern Argentina tour is rich in Andean culture, clement weather and challenging cycling.

12 days from
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Average Temperature and Average Rain Chart for our North Argentina cycling holiday

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Key details of our Cycling holiday in Argentina:

Tour Features

  • Cafayete: vineyards and Sacred Quilmes City.

  • Dramatic sandstone Quebradas.

  • Los Cordones National Park.

  • The Gorge of Arrows on Ruta 40  

  • Altiplano Saltflats and Seven Colours Mountain.

Cycle Holiday Tour Difficulty: 4/10 - Moderate

Ride Difficulty
4/10 - Moderate

Average Daily Distance: 70km / 45 miles

Avg. Daily Distance
70km / 45 miles

Number of Cycle Days: 9

Number of Cycle Days
9 days

Maximum Altitude: 2400 / 7400

Max Altitude
2400 / 7400

Example route for this Argentina cycling holiday

This map is for illustration purposes only and may not show the exact route taken on this Argentina tour.