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North Argentina

Key Places


Cachi is a beautiful town at the foot of the Nevado Mountains. Snow-covered peaks provide a melt that has created the fertile green Chalchaquí Valleys. Huge fields of peppers are cultivated here and when harvested each April are laid out to dry creating a stunning sight. Cachi is characterised by its white buildings, adobe houses and cobbled streets.

Cachi means "salt" in Quechua the town was named thus because local people mistook the snow of El Nevado as salt mine.

In the central plaza, framed by palm and orange trees, is Igleasia San Jose. The church has a cactus wood roof, aisles and lecterns. There is an Archaeological Museum in the town.  Weaving is a local tradition, and handmade ponchos, wall hangings and rugs are on sale in the town’s tourist office.

Key Places

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