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Cambodia to Vietnam

Key Places

Siem Reap

Seam Riep means "Siam Defeated". Located in the north west of Cambodia, and the capital of the Seam Reap region, the city is the gateway to Angkor Archaeological Park just 3km away. Throngs of tourists arrive here to visit the sites of the ancient temples. Other nearby ruins include Beng Mealea, Bantaey Srei, and the holy mountain Phnom Kulen. 

Once a small village Seam Riep now hosts a large expat community and is geared up for tourism. Built along the banks of a central river, Siem Reap is a mix of colonial and Chinese-style architecture in the old French Quarter, and around the old market. In the centre, traditional Aspara dance performances are staged, there are numerous craft shops and silk farms to visit, and a surrounding landscape of rice-paddy fields, fishing villages and a bird sanctuary near the Tonle Sap Lake.

Key Places

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