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Mongolia Bulgan

Pedal Through the Nomadic Wilderness


Mongolia Bulgan

Mongolia Bulgan


Mongolia Bulgan

Mongolia Bulgan Cycling Holiday

Mongolia Explorer

Tour Overview

The new redspokes Mongolia-Bulgan cycling tour offers a thrilling ride in a beautiful landscape surrounded by the wonders of nature.  We cycle from the northern Khangai mountains to central Mongolia on a combination of surfaced road and track.

Our cycling holiday begins in Ulaanbaatar (which translates as "red hero"), Mongolia's vibrant capital, where ancient culture and 21st Century traditions forge a unique path. We have a day to visit the main city sights and take in the Nomadic, Buddhist, Soviet and contemporary influences that converge in this unique city.  

We take a dramatic overnight train journey, travelling through a landscape of wide plains, nomadic herders and galloping horses to Erdenet in the northern province of Orkhon.  We will cycle through a scenery of grasslands, mountains, woods and river valleys receiving a friendly welcome from nomadic herders. We camp in tents and traditional Ger camps and journey through areas rich in rare and protected species and migratory birds.

We visit a Bronze Age Mongolian Deer Stone, Khirigsuur Complex where we’ll see megaliths and ancient burial sites.  We ride on to reach the foothills of the Kanghai mountain range and visit therapeutic hot springs at Tsenkher before cycling to Karakorum; Genghis Khan’s 13th Century Mongol Empire capital city. You will be transferred back to Ulaanbaatar where redspokes Mongolia Bulgan cycling holiday ends.


Dates & Prices

28 Jul 2024 - 09 Aug 2024
18 Aug 2024 - 30 Aug 2024
Guaranteed to run
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If you need assistance or wish to discuss the tour, please feel free to call us on +44 (0) 1463 417707.

Alternatively, you can email us on office@redspokes.co.uk for more information on this adventure holiday.

Key Stats

Cycling Difficulty
66 km
41 miles
Average Daily distance
598 m
1,961 ft
Average Daily Ascent
No. of Days Cycling

Tour Features

  • Ulaanbaatar: vibrant Mongolian capital
  • Overnight steamtrain: crossing the central plains
  • Ger camps: traditional nomadic camping in style
  • Bronge Age megaliths: Mongolian deerstones and burial mounds
  • Wild nature: vast untamed landscapes
  • Karakorum: medieval capital of Ghengis Khan
Chart showing the average temperature for our Mongolia cycling holiday
Chart showing the average number of days with precipitation for our Mongolia cycling holiday
Example route for this Mongolia cycling holiday Example route for this Mongolia cycling holiday