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Colombia - Medellin to Bogota
See it! Feel it! Love it!

Tour Overview

Colombia is one of South America's most beautiful but least-visited countries. The Colombian passion for cycling is on a par with their love of football, making it a fantastic destination for the intrepid cyclist. 

Now that Colombia is opening up as a travel destination, you have the chance to explore this hidden South American gem. The redspokes tour from Medellin to Bogotá combines challenging long mountain climbs and dramatic Andean scenery.

We journey through an amazing variety of landscapes, sights and cultures characterised by the lush verdant hillsides of the coffee district. The tour begins in Medellin and ends in Bogotá, two of Colombia's most vibrant cities; between these lively contrasting destinations we cycle the Altro de Letras - reputedly the world's longest road and go right off the beaten track to discover the Colombian countryside. With a history of European colonialism and a troubled era of political struggles and drug wars, modern Colombia has moved on from the past, striving for a new future and now welcomes visitors.

After a few days to acclimatise in Medellin, we head north west to Santa Fe de Antioquia, a colonial former gold mining town. Then it's southwest to La Pintada, and Salamina along mountain ridges and through spectacular coffee regions.

We cycle through the Caldas region, home of the Paisas people and one of the main coffee growing areas, and on towards Bogotá. At 2,625m above sea level amongst towering Andean peaks Colombia's vibrant capital city is rich with history. There are no less than 58 museums and over 70 art galleries.

Colombia claims to be 'one of the happiest places on the planet' and with cycling not just a past time but a national sport, what better destination for an adventure cycling holiday?

14 days from
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Average Temperature and Average Rain Chart for our Colombia cycling holiday

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Key details of our Cycling holiday in Chile:

Tour Features

  • Medellin: sky metro cable, car free Sunday cycling.
  • Manizales: Bolivar square, Cathedral Basilica.
  • Altro de Letras: reputedly the world's longest climb.
  • Aguadas: traditional Paisa village. 
  • Salamina: ‘the City of Light’.
  • Bogota: galleries, museums, botanical gardens.
Cycle Holiday Tour Difficulty: 7/10 - Difficult

Ride Difficulty
7/10 - Difficult

Average Daily Distance: 75km / 47 miles

Avg. Daily Distance
75km / 47 miles

Number of Cycle Days: 10

Number of Cycle Days
10 days

Maximum Altitude: 3607 m / 11,800 feet

Max Altitude
3607 m / 11,800 feet

Example route for this Chile cycling holiday

This map is for illustration purposes only and may not show the exact route taken on this Chile tour.