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Key Places - Uzbekistan

The Silk Route


Tashkent (meaning city Of Stone) is the capital city of Uzbekistan and the largest city in central Asia. Located on the Zarafshan River, just to the west of the Ferghana Valley it has a mix of modern and Soviet-era architecture. In 1966 Tashkent experienced a significant earthquake, hence the reconstruction of parts of the city.

Tashkent was made the capital city of Uzbekistan in 1865 by Russian decree. The city has many museums, The Amir Timur houses manuscripts, weapons and other relics from the Timurid dynasty. Nearby is the huge State Museum of History of Uzbekistan exhibiting centuries-old Buddhist artefacts. Tashkent Tower, dominates the city skies offering dramatic views from its observation deck. In the old town is Khast Imam Square is the religious centre of Tashkent. Where you can visit Muyie Muborak Library, home to the world’s oldest Qu’ran written on leather in the 7th Century.  The Hazroti Imon Friday mosque’s minarets are 50 meters high. Parts of the square are now occupied by artisans working in wood, leather and copper. There are souvenirs to be found aplenty including ikat hand dyed textiles and Suzani embroidered carpets and cushions.  Chorsu Bazaar is a farmer’s market with a huge array of products piled high, as traders’ barter. We can take lunch at a polv stall.

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Key Places

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