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Mongolia Bulgan

Mongolia Bulgan


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Mongolia Bulgan Cycling Holiday

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Orkhon River Valley

Located in central Mongolia, at the foot of the Khangai Mountain range, the Orkhon river valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wide areas of pasture flank the river on both sides and the site contains archaeological artefacts that date as far back as the 6th Century. The Orkhon is Mongolia’s longest river.

It is regarded as the ancient bastion of nomadic society where East met West. The valley is thought to have been inhabited for over 60 000 years; from prehistoric and Bronze Age peoples to the Huns, Turkish-speaking people, the Uyghurs, the Kidans and latterly by the Mongolians. Today the area is grazed by nomadic herds and is a perfect destination for trekking, horse riding and cycling.

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Key Places

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