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Cairngorms & Speyside - Self-Guided Cycling Holiday

7 Day: Self-Guided : Road/Touring

Culloden Battlefield

"Marking the spot of the last major battle on British soil, the wild moor at Culloden is the resting place of 1,500 Jacobite and 50 Government soldiers who fought and died here in 1746. Today, you can walk along the battle lines and see the graves of the soldiers beside the memorial cairn in the centre of the battlefield.

Flags represent the front lines of both armies and show the vast scale of the battle, whilst in the centre clan markers indicate the graves of the fallen.

As part of our continued conservation of the site, we work hard to try and restore the land, as closely as possible, to how it would have looked in the 18th century. Working alongside our Facilities team, we have goats and Shetland cows who graze the land just as they would have years ago.

The unique landscape of Culloden is also home to a rich variety of wildlife, including skylarks (who both live and breed on the battlefield) and garden tiger moth caterpillars – these have been in decline since the 1970s but have found a space at Culloden.

The Culloden roof garden and wildflower meadow is a lovely space. Ox-eye daisies, ragged robin and vetches blow in the breeze as you take in the 360-degree views of the battlefield." The National Trust for Scotland 

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