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North Argentina

Key Places


Salta is an historic colonial town in the Lerma Valley in Northern Argentina. Dating from 1582, the town is famous for Spanish colonial architecture and Andean heritage.  Moving in a clockwise direction around the central 9th July Square you will find neo-classical Catedral Basilica de Salta, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Cabildo (former city town hall, now a museum) and the neoclassical Museum of High Mountain Archaeology, which houses Inca artefacts including 500 year old Incan Ice children.  Within walking distance of the Square is Saint Francis Church and the city's three pedestrian streets: Alberdi, Florida and Caseros. The three blocks in Baclare Street to the train station are now the centre of night life in Salta, with restaurants, pubs and cafés on both sidewalks and concerts every night. Traditonal folk clubs peñas folklóricas are an important part of local culture

San Bernado and Mount 20 February peaks overlook the town. You can take a cable car trip up over the valley for stunning ariel views.

Key Places

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