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North Thailand

Key Places

Bo Kleua


Bo Kluea in Thai means salt well. The village has grown up around two natural saltwater wells which have been worked for hundreds of years, serving Bo Kluea both as an industry and more recently as a tourist attraction.  

The area known to small numbers of Thai tourists, very few international visitors reach this far corner of Thailand. Nearby is Doi Phuka national park. With forest covered western limits of the Luang Prabang ranges and the province’s highest peak, Doi Phuka, at almost 2,000m. It is the source of the Nan and Wa rivers and home to many species of flora and fauna some unique to the park. Highlights include:

Mountain view point Doi Phu Ka: A rugged mountain with fantastic scene.

Waterfalls: Phufah, Fah Shee Nok, Mae charim and Ton Tong waterfall.


Tharn Lod or "Nam Ok Roo": a natural flow of water emerging from mountain caves.

Palan Hin rock garden and cliff: Natural formations on Doi Phu Wae and other cliffs.

The chomphu phuka tree (bretschneidera sinensis), which gives the park its name, is a medium-sized, pink-flowering tree found nowhere else in Thailand, and primordial-looking tree fern (caryota gigas): an endangered species that  grows well here due to good soil conditions.

Key Places

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