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China: Yunnan

Yunnan, China

Yunnan, China

Yunnan, China

China: Yunnan

China: Yunnan

Key Places - China - Yunnan

Glorious Yunnan


Historically Lijang was a hub to the Naxi people, for culture, politics and commerce. Silk embroidery was a key industry here  with Lijiang significalty located along the  Ancient Tea and Horse Road. The area enjoys a mild sub-tropical climate.

Lijang old town is a UNESCO world heritage site famed for its sophisticated system of waterways and bridges. In a maze of cobblestone streets the layout of the old town follows no particular pattern but observes the flow of 3 streams and Feng Shuii principals, providing Lijang with a fresh water system and a waste disposal system. There are separate pools that were created and designated specifically for drinking, laundering and washing vegetables. Locals still use the White Horse Dragon pool to wash their produce after visiting the market. 

There are many well preserved ancient buildings and examples of Naxi Culture. You will see oranate wooden and tiled structures. Lijang was ruled by the Mu family for hundreds of years and the palatiall Mu Family Residence is now open to visitors. Although largely a reconstruction of the original building you will experience the splendour of the past here. 

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Key Places

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