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China: Yunnan

China -Yunnan

China: Yunnan

China - Yunnan

Yunnan China

China - Yunnan

Yunnan, China

China - Yunnan

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China - Yunnan Cycling Holiday

Glorious Yunnan


The 8th century city of Dali is located on the shores of Erahai Lak in Western Yunnan with the Cangshan Mountain range to the west. The town’s ancient walled quarter dates from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and is considered one of the 'Three Ancients' (Ancient Cities, Ancient Pagodas and Ancient Steles) of the Dali region. Beyond the town walls are the 9th Three Pagodas of Chong Sheng Temple.The Ancient City was a gateway to the Silk Road, it also served as a seat of government and was a major military barracks for Yunnan Province.

Traditional Bai ethnic minority folk houses with grey-green roof tiles stretch along cobbled streets; you’ll also find distinctive artisan workshops, temples and schools. Traditional souvenirs crafted from marble and woven straw are on sale everywhere.  On Foreigner Street, you will find traditional Bai snacks for sale and can experience the famous Bai 'Three Course Tea Ceremony’, comprising 'bitter tea', 'sweet tea' and 'reflection’ tea. The ceremony is preserved for holidays and for welcoming honoured guests.

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Key Places

There are several key places on our China - Yunnan cycling holiday. Please choose from the following list for more information on each key place.